Our experience gives us the ability to be extremely responsive...

What We Say

We love simplifying research services with our technical expertise, by offering a range of services, such as scripting, hosting, providing panellists, coding, reporting and tabulations. But, over and above all that, we draw on years of market research and IT experience, enabling us to help you make even your most challenging online projects successful and trouble free.

Our experience gives us the ability to be extremely responsive – for example, we often script unusual questions and turn surveys around very quickly. In fact, since we use our own in-house survey software, our development team have been known to add a new feature just to accommodate an individual customer’s needs or even program bespoke software tools from scratch! One of the reasons we are able to do this is because we are small and independent, so we do not have to jump through hoops of internal bureaucracy before we can get things done. We just do them!

We believe strongly in making the most of the efficiencies of the Web in order to provide you, our clients, with a faster, high quality, and more cost effective service.

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what they say

  • Omnisis offers great value. They charge less than many other suppliers but they offer a very good quality, flexible service.

    Caroline Rushton -
    MTM London