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Dres Consulting Case Study


dres consulting is an independent market research consultancy specialising in qualitative and quantitative research for advertising, media and sport. The company works with brands of every kind, from major FMCGs to small regional advertisers. dres prides itself on providing a high value service at a reasonable cost, based on a wealth of experience.

The Challenge

An international media owner engaged dres consulting to examine the effectiveness of its advertising within the content served up by its iPhone app.

With no suitable panel to turn to, dres consulting decided to recruit participants to the survey by placing banner advertisements with a link to the survey within the app's content.

This alone would have made for a challenging project, yet the survey also had to be offered in three languages and measure six separate brands across different product categories. This resulted in 18 different configurations of the survey.

dres consulting usually outsources fieldwork and data processing, but the complexities of this project meant dres needed to find an outsourcing partner with the skill and experience to take on such a technically demanding project.

The Solution

Having previously worked with Omnisis on other simpler projects, dres consulting asked Omnisis to program and host the iPhone survey and then supply them with cross-tabular reports. As a first step, dres consulting gave Omnisis the questionnaire as an Excel file and provided an initial briefing. Omnisis made a number of recommendations on how best to achieve the delivery of the survey. From that point, the two firms worked together closely to ensure that the project was a success.

David Evans, Founder and Director of dres consulting, said: "Omnisis is extremely flexible and very responsive. When we email them with a request, they nearly always do it straight away. When they can't, they tell us when they can do it."

With its six separate brand categories, ranging from automotive to tourism, some of the questions applied to all the brands while others were unique to each category. Omnisis therefore had to take particular care over the survey logic and test each variant of the survey on iPhones to ensure it always displayed correctly and ran smoothly.

Once a questionnaire has been presented online for the first time, there are inevitably adjustments that researchers will want to make: the more complex the project, the more likely this is. "Omnisis is always very good about accommodating changes to surveys," David comments. "Some companies will charge you extra if you make lots of edits. Omnisis doesn't -- you don't get nasty surprises from them."

There were several other complexities that Omnisis needed to cater for. Ensuring that the correct brand-specific banner ads were presented at the right times during the survey, and in the right languages, required not just technical skill but careful co-ordination between Omnisis, dres consulting and its client.

Even the outputs were not straightforward, as each category and each country had its own set of analyses and its own unique set of weightings to make the results comparable. dres consulting requested that all the cross-tabular reports were provided in Excel format, so that it made incorporating results into the reports it delivered to the client much easier.

Summing up, David reported: "The main reasons we work with Ominsis are because their people have experience at market research agencies, so they have a thorough understanding of research; plus you always get a senior member of staff on your project. If you work with big companies, your main contact points are more junior people. We like working with Omnisis."

Some companies charge you extra if you make lots of edits. Omnisis doesn't - you don't get nasty surprises from them."

David Evans
dres Consulting

The Results

For dres consulting, the project successfully achieved its objectives, in particular:

Despite considerable scope for errors and overruns, this complex project ran smoothly and was completed on time

The project was delivered for an agreed fixed cost with no charges for unforeseen extras, allowing dres consulting to keep within budget

The end client was highly satisfied with the outcome and subsequently appointed dres consulting to be its official provider for all advertising effectiveness research

Sufficient interviews were achieved to ensure that any observed differences between users of the app and non-users were statistically significant

Omnisis provided an end-to-end service, from designing and deploying the iPhone survey to data processing and reporting