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  • script service

    Simply provide us with a Word file of your questionnaire and we'll turn it into a professional online survey.

  • panel service

    Obtain high quality sample at reasonable cost by asking us to liaise with our network of panel suppliers.

  • emailer service

    Free up some of your time by asking us to email your survey invitations and act as your first line response for any replies.

  • tabs service

    Cross tabs delivered to you quickly and without fuss we've done so many over the years that we're happy to work with or without a spec.

  • data entry service

    If you use paper questionnaires, we can arrange to have your data keyed in. We always quality control this work ourselves.

  • code service

    Whatever languages you work with, talk to us about coding your open ends. We'll use your code frame or create one for you.

  • translate service

    We have a strong background in multilingual surveys and can get your questions and responses translated into almost any language.

  • type service

    Get us to transcribe your open ends and avoid having to type them in yourself!

  • web assist service

    We're experts in hybrid telephone/online surveys and can integrate this seamlessly with your CATI solution.

  • online qual service

    Gather rich insights using our very own qualitative research platform, which supports online forums, focus groups and more.

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script servicepanel serviceemailer servicetabs servicedata entry servicecode servicetranslate servicetype serviceweb assist serviceonline qual service

Our pricing model differs radically from most other research bureaus, which makes it a lot more client-friendly.

We try to automate as much as possible at Omnisis. You can see it in our automated quote generator, but it’s also evident in the way we do our scripting, in our QA processes and in everything else we do. The reason? It saves frustration and hassle, improves accuracy, and it also saves you money. This is how we are able to offer you such competitive prices.

If you request a quote from us, you will find that it is at a fixed price and it does not contain any variable elements that can push up costs later. From the outset you know exactly where you stand with us. What we put in our quote is exactly what you pay.