Brilliant surveys for brighter insights

We're on a mission to give you the smartest all-round operations support for your market research.

With us, all your survey needs are sorted. So you're free to focus on your insights.

Our mission

Smart surveys and solutions. Fast.

Right from day one, back in 2002, we've always aimed to make our clients' jobs easier and better. Today, that means you get brilliant surveys, solutions and analysis - and you get it all much faster than others can provide.

You'll always be able to deal with a senior expert on our team. Plus we're great value, making us the perfect partner for all your market research needs. We admit, we get a kick out of inventing and delivering new IT solutions for anything tricky. But we're here for the everyday too.

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It's been said we respond faster than anyone else. (Warp speed, in fact.)

Costing a project or putting a survey online only takes a few hours. And we aim to devise new software solutions within a day or two, at most. Our speed is thanks to the combination of a senior team, fixed cost model and agile set-up. And our agility is all down to our own software, Warp.

When you're feeling the squeeze on your schedules, our time-saving responsiveness is a big help.

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We do everything you’d expect. And more.

We take care of everything you'd think a market research service company would do. And we probably do some things you wouldn't expect too.

Our services range from sourcing the right panel at the right price, to producing complex statistics, creating your charts and much more. Whatever you need, just ask and we’ll take care of it.

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We love inventing technological solutions. (All you’ll notice is the fantastic service.)

At Omnisis we’re mostly here for the everyday survey stuff. But the moment you're facing something tricky, we're on it. And we don't faff around for months. We just crack on with the prototype straightaway.

Innovating a new survey technique can take us just a couple of days. And at the end of the process each new solution is bolted onto our (brilliant) modular software, so all clients can enjoy the benefits. Because we own our IT, we can guarantee you better service.

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Technologically advanced

Custom built solutions

We use the latest technologies to create bespoke solutions, using our own custom built software.

Mobile friendly

If you're using a mobile, tablet or desktop, it doesn't matter. Our solutions are designed to work on all devices.

Intelligent reporting

We provide bespoke reporting solutions so you can focus on your insights!

Super fast turnaround

Our modular technology allows us to turnaround custom solutions super fast!

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