Staff Spotlight: Get to know our Software Developer, Dylan

By Hannah McCreesh | 06 July 2022

This month in the spotlight we're getting to know Dylan, who joined us last year in a Software Developer role.

Welcoming Stephen to the team

By Hannah McCreesh | 31 May 2022

This month we welcomed our new Operations Consultant, Stephen, to the team.

Welcoming Sabrina to the team

By Hannah McCreesh | 25 April 2022

This month we’re delighted to announce that Sabrina Holland has joined us as our new Senior Data Analyst.

How market research can make or break a start-up business

By Hannah McCreesh | 18 April 2022

As a start-up founder, it’s likely you have a lot on your plate. Setting up a business is no easy feat, but you possess the passion and drive to see your idea come to life.

Latest software updates for greater efficiency

By Hannah McCreesh | 15 February 2022

We've been working hard over the past few months to make some updates to our in-house survey software, Warp. We wanted to make things even more efficient for both our team and for our clients and we’re super excited about these changes.

Staff Spotlight: Meet Jo, our new Senior Operations Analyst

By Hannah McCreesh | 07 February 2022

This month in the spotlight we are getting to know Jo, who joined us as our Senior Operations Analyst last year.

Spotify Wrapped - How one company seduced us with our data

By Hannah McCreesh | 26 January 2022

As a consumer, I’m used to being told I should be fearful of data. In particular, fearful of the companies who use my data to relentlessly advertise to me. At best, it’s a mild interference in my day. At worst, it feels downright invasive.

Staff Spotlight: Introducing our Head of Operations, Chris

By Hannah McCreesh | 21 January 2022

This month in the spotlight we have Chris Stacey, who leads our Operations Team as Head of Operations.

Client case study: How can we keep high-level medical staff engaged?

By Hannah McCreesh | 10 December 2021

We worked with a medical care research company to make their surveys as engaging as possible for high-level medical staff.

Staff spotlight: Getting to know our Managing Director, Brian

By Hannah McCreesh | 26 November 2021

In this month's staff spotlight we're getting to know Brian, our Managing Director.

Client case study: Introducing Google Maps API

By Hannah McCreesh | 10 November 2021

We worked with an award-winning growth consultancy to find out what kind of legacy the London Olympics has left in the capital.

We're looking for Survey Programmers / Data Analysts to join our team!

By Hannah McCreesh | 05 November 2021

We’ve seen tremendous growth as an agency over the past 12 months and as a result, we’re looking for new Survey Programmers / Data Analysts to join our team. The roles can be either work from home or office-based.

3 positive outcomes for the market research industry as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

By Brian Cooper | 20 August 2021

Our Managing Director Brian spent some time reflecting on the good things that have come out of coronavirus for our industry and shed some light on the positives rather than the constant barrage of negativity we’re seeing in the news.

Staff spotlight: Introducing our new Data Analyst, Marie

By Hannah McCreesh | 18 August 2021

This month in the spotlight we have Marie Cooper, who recently joined us as one of our new Data Analysts.

Staff spotlight: Get to know our new Data Analyst, Anca

By Hannah McCreesh | 12 July 2021

This month in the spotlight is Anca Nisirius, our new Data Analysts who joined us recently.

Welcoming 3 new members of staff to our growing team

By Hannah McCreesh | 18 June 2021

We're delighted to have welcomed not one, but three new members to our team recently.

Staff spotlight: Introducing Charles, our Software Developer

By Hannah McCreesh | 03 June 2021

This month in the spotlight is Charles Battrick, one of our Software Developers who joined us last year.

Staff spotlight: Introducing our Senior Analyst, Anthony.

By Hannah McCreesh | 30 April 2021

This month in the spotlight we're introducing Anthony Cooper, our Senior Analyst.

Staff spotlight: Introducing our Data Analyst, Mo

By Hannah McCreesh | 28 February 2021

This month in our staff spotlight, we're introducing our brilliant data analyst, Mo.

Client case study: How we went above and beyond to protect client confidentiality

By Hannah McCreesh | 18 February 2021

We worked with one of the world’s largest theme parks to find out the response to eight potential concepts for future events from the perspective of both adults and children.

Staff Spotlight: Get to know our Software Developer, Fernando

By Hannah McCreesh | 12 February 2021

This month in the spotlight is Fernando Braz, one of our talented Software Developers.

New feature release! Innovative watermarking system launched to stop the misuse of confidential images

By Hannah McCreesh | 05 February 2021

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new watermarking system.

Staff Spotlight: Meet our Operational Strategist, Mike

By Hannah McCreesh | 31 December 2020

This month in the spotlight is Mike Gray, our Operational Strategist who joined us earlier this year.

Introducing 24 days of Christmas joy to tackle December-driven anxiety

By Hannah McCreesh | 01 December 2020

Though some might say December 1st is too early to get into the Christmas spirit, we would be inclined to disagree.

Staff Spotlight: Meet our Software Developer, Rick

By Hannah McCreesh | 11 November 2020

This month in the spotlight we're introducing Rick Fletcher, our Software Developer.

Unlocking an innovative online approach to shelf testing

By Hannah McCreesh | 10 November 2020

At the start of this year, we worked with a leading market research agency who specialise in packaging and branding research to help them innovate their online approach to shelf testing.

Staff Spotlight: Meet our Junior Developer, Tom

By Hannah McCreesh | 29 September 2020

In the spotlight this month is travel-loving Junior Developer, Tom.

Staff Spotlight: Meet our Junior Developer / Senior Survey Technologist, Woj

By Hannah McCreesh | 31 August 2020

This month the spotlight is on Wojciech Bednarek, our Junior Developer / Senior Technologist.

We're Oppies Awards Finalists (for the second year running)!

By Hannah McCreesh | 07 August 2020

Another year has passed and we are delighted to announce that we have just been announced as finalists in this year’s Operations Awards by the Market Research Society!

Staff Spotlight: Meet our Head of IT, Paul

By Hannah McCreesh | 16 July 2020

This month in our Staff Spotlight feature, we're sharing the story of Paul Dundon, our brilliant Head of IT.

Taking powerful face-to-face research & making it digital

By Hannah McCreesh | 07 July 2020

We worked with predominantly qualitative market research agency One Minute to Midnight to turn a pivotal element of their face to face research into a fun, engaging, online game.

Staff Spotlight: Meet our Marketing Manager, Hannah

By Brian Cooper | 23 June 2020

We love that we’re a small, close-knit team here at Omnisis but we decided it was time that you got to know each of us a little bit better.

Life in lockdown: Disney+ becomes third most popular SVOD service

By Brian Cooper | 23 April 2020

Key findings of the survey revealed that Disney+ was released at exactly the right time, with 14% of the population having watched it since its launch on 24th March, the day the lockdown officially began.

Life in lockdown: A survey of the UK public

By Brian Cooper | 16 April 2020

New research conducted by us in collaboration with Old Salt has revealed what the UK public think about life in lockdown during Covid-19.

3 reasons why the market research industry desperately needs shorter surveys

By Brian Cooper | 03 April 2020

Over the past few years, we’ve started to see a real disconnect between what clients want from their surveys and what respondents need to remain engaged and to complete them.

3 women to follow in the market research industry

By Hannah McCreesh | 31 March 2020

On March 8th we saw the return of International Women’s Day - a globally renowned day that celebrates the achievements of women around the world.

Coronavirus update - March 2020

By Brian Cooper | 13 March 2020

Coronavirus is absolutely dominating the news right now and what can’t be denied is the profound effect it is having on countries and businesses around the globe.

Supporting staff and company growth - introducing our new London office

By Brian Cooper | 12 March 2020

We’re delighted to announce that this month we have opened our brand new office in London.

What are the top survey and market research trends for 2020?

By Brian Cooper | 05 February 2020

2019 was one hell of a year. Now, as we enter 2020, we wanted to spend some time considering just what the main survey and market research trends will be for the coming year.

Celebrating 12 months of Omnisis

By Brian Cooper | 17 December 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we’ve spent some time reflecting on what a fantastic year it’s been for us here at Omnisis.

Why is the market research industry still so behind in mobile survey design?

By Brian Cooper | 08 November 2019

Mobile-friendly surveys should be beautiful to look at - but more importantly, beautiful to use

Developing a custom tracker dashboard with a difference

By Brian Cooper | 29 August 2019

We worked with one of the UK’s most popular online betting agencies to develop a 3-year survey to monitor both their customers’ and the public’s attitude towards them.

MRS Operations Awards Finalists

By Brian Cooper | 24 July 2019

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are finalists in the “Best Support Services” category of this year’s MRS Operations Awards.

A fully customisable survey designed for children

By Brian Cooper | 01 July 2019

We worked with one of the leading suppliers of audiobooks to create a bespoke survey aimed at parents with children aged between 3-11 years old.

Innovative thinking required for complex trainer survey

By Brian Cooper | 06 June 2019

We worked with a world-leading sportswear brand who needed a bespoke, complex and in-depth survey to help them develop variations on 576 different trainer options.

Just a regular Saturday night - walking down red hot coals for charity!

By Brian Cooper | 30 April 2019

Remembering to challenge ourselves in business and in life is something that we all mean to do.

Trio of new appointments at the Manchester office

By Brian Cooper | 30 April 2019

It’s been all systems go in the Omnisis office of late as we’ve welcomed not one, but three new members to the team.

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