2023 and beyond – a new era for Omnisis

By Brian Cooper | 12 December 2023
2023 and beyond – a new era for Omnisis

As we race towards the finishing line of a crazy 2023, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our 20th birthday year, our achievements and our continuing evolution. 

While it’s been a challenging year for everyone in the industry, I look back with a lot of pride at the way our talented team has performed and delivered for our great clients. 

In April, we made the decision to move from a hybrid to a fully remote working model. As anyone who knows me will testify, I care deeply about the environment, our planet and want to make sure the world we leave behind for our kids is a bright, optimistic one. This is just one of the ways we can reduce our emissions and carbon footprint. 

Throughout the year, we’ve worked with some incredible people on some fantastic projects which have pushed us to our limits, taken us out of our comfort zone but helped us grow and innovate.  

It has meant we’ve had to be nimble and diligent in upgrading our in-house survey tool, Warp, including: 

And in August, we launched our opinion polling brand WeThink. In just a few short months we are extremely proud to have appeared in nearly 200 national and international news bulletins and reached millions on social media with our weekly voter intention tracker. 

We’ve featured in the Express, Guardian, Byline Times, Telegraph, The Economist and we’ve conducted polling work for the Mayor of London’s office and feature regularly in the commentary of the UK’s polling guru Professor Sir John Curtice. 

As we approach an election year, we’re excited to be part of conversation when it comes to gauging public opinion on the issues that matter most. 

Finally, although I can’t predict the future, I do know that we will continue to work our socks off and deliver excellence for the people who choose us as partners and I’m certain our software will continue to develop at warp speed. 

Next year, we’re developing our approach to using AI tools and have a couple of irons in the fire, especially looking at how we can use it to automatically create text transcriptions based on audio recorded responses to our surveys. 

We’re also looking at refreshing our brand and website to help us stand out and better communicate our personality and services to reach more people. 

It’d be great if you could join us for the ride! Drop us an email at office@omnisis.co.uk. 





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