Developing a custom tracker dashboard with a difference

By Brian Cooper | 29 August 2019
Developing a custom tracker dashboard with a difference

Project Brief

We worked with one of the UK’s most popular online betting agencies to develop a 3-year survey to monitor both their customers’ and the public’s attitude towards them.


The custom prototype for this bespoke project was created in under a week.

What made this project different?

This project required us to build a custom tracker dashboard using WARP. Though we’ve built many custom tracker dashboards before, this one posed some unique issues that we needed to address in order to build something that completely fulfilled the client’s needs on every level.

The survey was developed to monitor both the client’s customers and the general public’s attitude towards them as a company as a direct result of their current marketing activities.

Due to the long timescale of the survey, it needed to have real-time flexibility and responsiveness. For example, customers were asked different questions based on those interested in horse racing during Cheltenham Festival and this could be replicated for other sporting events and interests throughout the year.

The survey was answered by a sample mix of customers and the general public with the same questions asked week on week. This enabled us to gather detailed data analysis to evaluate how people remember the brand, and how favourably they felt towards them.

We developed a time graph series to easily show the survey’s results over the past four weeks as well as monthly and quarterly data analysis.

What made this project such a success was the fact that it was developed in a way that completely served the needs of the client. The survey and data analysis elements were flexible, fully customisable and easily branded and without WARP, this simply wouldn’t have been possible to do.

This project is another example of how having our own software allows us to create custom solutions and ultimately do more for our clients.

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