Omnisis proud to sign Inclusion Pledge

By Mike Underwood | 20 February 2024
Omnisis proud to sign Inclusion Pledge

Omnisis, a top boutique market research agency, will further enhance its approach to inclusion and diversity after signing the Market Research Society (MRS) Inclusion Pledge.

The MRS Inclusion Pledge has been signed by Managing Director Brian Cooper to cement the company’s dedication to equality, eliminating discrimination, and creating an environment where all staff thrive.

Brian said: “We are extremely proud to sign the MRS Inclusion Pledge. Whilst we already live and breathe the principles of inclusion at Omnisis, signing the pledge gives us a framework and specific objectives which we can embed in our business.

“Our goal as a company is to keep improving, pushing ourselves and tackling the challenges of our industry and the world head-on. Signing up to the pledge is a key component of our improvement journey.

“Diversity and inclusivity are not only ethical imperatives, but are also main drivers of innovation and success.”

The MRS Inclusion Pledge outlines five key areas which signatories commit to:

  1. Gather and, where appropriate, publish pay statistics annually and where it is found,  dismantle pay discrimination based on gender and ethnicity.

  2. Work towards ensuring all our staff are representative of the full diversity of our business locations and improve representation in recruitment by ending unpaid internships, actively considering apprenticeships and by supporting school, university and other outreach programmes.

  3. Work towards the achievement of appropriate government targets for the representation of women and minority ethnic groups at senior management and board level.

  4. Design and conduct research projects to allow representation for all.

  5. Create safe and welcoming places and practices for work for all.

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