Perfect time to join the team for political prospect

By Mike Underwood | 24 June 2024
Perfect time to join the team for political prospect

We’re delighted to welcome our new summer intern Atyeo Thomas du Toit aboard the good ship Omnisis. 

Political science student Atyeo, 19, has joined Omnisis from the London School of Economics to work with our polling team before, during and after the General Election. 

Atyeo, who is based in north London, said: “I’m really happy to have joined the Omnisis team. I wanted to learn more about polling and its impact on politics. When I spoke to Brian (Cooper, our MD) he was passionate and interested in the same ideas that I was, and I knew from then that I wanted to join. The team have been great to work with so far, so it has paid off!” 

Atyeo wants to use his time with Omnisis to get his teeth into the political sphere and to expand his knowledge and understanding - and the timing couldn’t be better with the General Election just around the corner. 

“Omnisis seems like a perfect mix between the number-heavy collection and interpretation of data, along with the analysis and the story that can be told from that data,” he said. 

“As my first experience in the industry and the political sphere, I know (because it already has) that my time here will open my eyes to new ideas and possibilities that I would never have thought of alone.” 

So, what else do we know about our latest crew mate? 

Well, when he’s not buried deep in books for study, Atyeo watches Star Wars (the original trilogy mind you), citing Return of the Jedi as his absolute favourite movie of all time. 

He’s also a soul / funk music fan – with Southern Man by Mary Clayton, It’s a Shame by The Spinners and Hair by Graham Central Station the main tunes to float his boat. 

But politics is never far from his mind, and this rapacious political animal can be found with his nose in his favourite book - Politics on the Edge by Rory Stewart. 

And finally, Atyeo revealed his favourite food is shepherd’s pie – no matter how hot it gets outside… 

“It will forever be my food – whatever the season,” he said. 

Brian Cooper, Managing Director at Omnisis, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Atyeo to the team. We love giving opportunities to passionate people but we also hope to pick his brain and listen to his ideas as well. He’s already made an impact with some insightful questions for our latest round of polling!” 

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