We're Oppies Awards Finalists (for the second year running)!

By Hannah McCreesh | 07 August 2020
We're Oppies Awards Finalists (for the second year running)!

Another year has passed and we are delighted to announce that we have just been announced as finalists in this year’s Operations Awards by the Market Research Society!

The MRS Operations Awards is held annually and works to celebrate all the hard work of the operations and research side of the market research industry.

We were delighted when we were nominated last year, but unfortunately, we missed out on the final prize due to some very worthy competition!

We’re hoping that our finalist entry into the Best Data Collection - Online category this year will prove to be a winner!

Our entry consisted of three dynamic case studies that we feel showcase our team’s ability to come up with custom, cost-effective and efficient solutions - even during the midst of a pandemic!

Covid-19 changed how we operate as an industry almost overnight. Agencies who work in the field suddenly found huge quantities of their work being cancelled - it was a really worrying time for our industry.

We had clients coming to us who desperately needed help turning their face-to-face research digital.

As always, our team put our heads together to think of the most innovative way we could do this. These are the three most notable examples that made up our entry.

Online Shelf Testing

One client who specialises in shelf testing had seen a number of projects cancelled within the first week of lockdown and they were desperate for an online solution - and fast!

Our in-house development team worked to a complex specification and created a set of online shelf tools that allowed the client to re-create what they would do in the real world, in less than a week.

The capabilities of most market research agencies when it comes to shelf testing are very limited. Their approach would be to build a static image of a shelf, show that image to the panel participants, ask them some questions and then take the image away.

This static image approach is very limiting, as the respondent tends to familiarise themselves with the layout and product placement after only a few questions and this ultimately affects the quality of the results.

The client wanted us to be able to randomise the shelf test image within the survey and change the product’s placement up to 10 times so that they can cover the design they’re interested in and competitor benchmarks, all in the same survey.

Whereas other market research agencies might have a database of norms, this approach not only allowed them to be able to gather competitor benchmarks, but it saved them money as they could find those benchmarks without having to run additional surveys as well.

We did a lot of work and custom scripting behind the scenes to be able to make such a dynamic shelf test happen. Similarly, as we worked more closely with the client and we successfully implemented what they wanted initially, they increased the complexity of the brief even further because they were confident that we were up for the challenge.

This allowed them to continue providing the same service to their clients and cost savings per each UK project were over 35%.

The Values Game

We worked with a predominantly qualitative market research agency to turn a pivotal element of their face to face research into a fun, engaging, online game.

Back in 2016, they adapted the world’s leading human values model into a game to use within commercial insight and they’ve been using it successfully ever since.

The client played the values game in face-to-face interviews and focus groups.
But due to Covid-19, they wanted a way to bring the Values game online in an interactive, engaging way.

They specified that they wanted the ten physical cards turned into well-designed, interactive cards that could be dragged and dropped but also turned over and reviewed. It was important that the online version kept the key principles of what makes the physical cards work so well.

Crucially, we were able to design a survey that not only was beautifully responsive and fully branded in an extremely short timeframe but something that surpassed the original brief and expectations of the client too.

Project Click

A client was due to do a website test for the British Medical Journal to capture F2F feedback on their use of animated advertising banners which included an “Emotion
Wheel to quantitatively measure how they felt using key emotion phrases.

Our task was to create a software solution that allowed live feedback to an animated gif by
clicking the relevant emotion within the “Emotional Wheel”.

The client saved approximately 40% on their fieldwork costs by being able to move the project online.

Because of Covid-19, there will be no awards ceremony this year. Instead, it will be held via the free virtual Oppies+ broadcast on 24 September.

Wish us luck!

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